Advocate Leaderboard

Ken Lawenda 1
+2058pts | earned aps advocacy points
Lori Grover OD PhD 2
+615pts | earned aps advocacy points
Belinda Starkey 3
+587pts | earned aps advocacy points
Lindsay Sicks 4
+365pts | earned aps advocacy points
Brad Lane 5
+356pts | earned aps advocacy points
Joseph Ricci 6
+300pts | earned aps advocacy points
Dennis Brtva 7
+291pts | earned aps advocacy points
Richard Malara 8
+280pts | earned aps advocacy points
Adam Parker 9
+275pts | earned aps advocacy points
Mahsa Masoudi 10
+221pts | earned aps advocacy points
Julie McMullen 11
+200pts | earned aps advocacy points
Mark Nakano 12
+170pts | earned aps advocacy points
Barry Zwang-Weissman 13
+165pts | earned aps advocacy points
Shane Foster 14
+164pts | earned aps advocacy points
Bob Theaker 15
+160pts | earned aps advocacy points
Lindsay Wright 16
+144pts | earned aps advocacy points
Stacey Meier 17
+140pts | earned aps advocacy points
James P DeVleming 18
+137pts | earned aps advocacy points
Gerald Neidigh 19
+125pts | earned aps advocacy points
Sam Funk 20
+120pts | earned aps advocacy points

The Contact Lens Rule Modernization Act needs your support in the U.S. Senate!

U.S. Senators have introduced legislation eliminating unreliable contact lens prescription verification robocalls in the Senate. Earn advocacy points by writing a letter to your Senators urging them to co-sponsor the Contact Lens Rule Modernization Act.

If you are represented by one of the original sponsors, your letter will thank them for their leadership - and if you aren't, your letter will urge their immediate support for patients' health and safety. Send a letter today to earn advocacy points and move up the leaderboard! 

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Are you up for the challenge?

The Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety is proud to announce a new way to show off your commitment to protecting patient safety! We have put together a list of ways to stay informed on public policies affecting patient safety and steps you can take to advocate on their behalf. Our Advocate Leaderboard will display the leading doctors of optometry and patient-safety advocates who take actions and promote patient safety. These advocates are leading by example by getting educated and advocating for patient safety and the doctor-patient relationship. Will you join them?

How to get on the board 

Join the competition to become a leading patient-safety advocate by taking any of the following actions and earning advocacy points.


  1. Read a recent article from the National Consumers League that calls on Congress to update the Contact Lens Rule by ending the use of robocalls for contact lens prescription verification and adopting common-sense signage instead of burdensome paperwork requirements. (20 advocacy points)
  2. Read about The Contact Lens Prescription Verification Modernization Act (H.R. 3975) to learn more about how this legislation will help modernize the contact lens prescription verification process and make it simpler and safer for millions of contact lens wearers. (20 advocacy points)

  3. Share your story of how illegal contact lens sales from online retailers have negatively affected you or a patient so that we can show Congress and the FTC real stories of the negative impact of loopholes in the contact lens prescription verification process. (50 advocacy points)



Contact your Legislators to tell them to protect patient safety by supporting legislation that would help protect patient safety and the doctor-patient relationship.


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