Telehealth Principles

Alliance Telehealth Principles

As the health care system rapidly evolves, the Alliance believes that telehealth can play an integral tool in advancing patient health and strengthening the doctor-patient relationship. With faster and clearer methods to connect, more patients can immediately engage with their doctors and collaborate to improve overall health.

However, to ensure that telehealth advances in a responsible manner, the Alliance has adopted three overarching principles that should help guide discussions related to the use of telehealth.

These principles are:

Telehealth_Principle_1.png Telehealth_Principle_2.png Telehealth_Principles_3.png

The doctor-patient relationship should be at the center of telehealth services.

Telehealth should be considered a tool to complement an existing doctor-patient relationship.

Telehealth should prioritize health and safety as technology and innovation advance to meet the needs of patients. 

The Alliance will use these principles to guide the organization’s support of new telehealth innovations as the market continues to grow and change.

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