Patient Safety Alliance Says FTC's New Contact Lens Rule Is 'Seen as Dangerous by Eye Doctors'

July 1, 2020

Vision Monday - The Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety (APS) on Tuesday raised concerns about the final Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Contact Lens Rule, which was issued last week, as VMAIL reported. The Alliance, in its statement, said the FTC’s final contact lens rule “fails to adequately address the dangerous practice of utilizing computer-generated voice calls to verify contact lens prescriptions and places significant burdens on doctors,” among other shortcomings cited by the Alliance for Patient Safety.

Separately, in a recent letter to ECPs, CooperVision also took issue with the FTC's updated rule, noting that it believes the FTC’s decision “leaves in place undependable robocall prescription verification techniques, adds new paperwork burdens for doctors, and addresses some concerns regarding lens substitution without closing troubling loopholes.”

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